[TACOL] L. Silué, “The syntax of reported speech in Kafire: An overview of the constructions and a leap into the universe of the functional domain of demonstration”

La prochaine séance de notre séminaire TACOL aura lieu mardi 21 mars à 14h30, sur place (salle de réunion 311, Campus CNRS de Villejuif) et sur Zoom.

Nous aurons le plaisir d’écouter Songfolo Lacina Silué (doctorant LACITO).

Titre de la présentation :

“The syntax of reported speech in Kafire: An overview of the constructions and a leap into the universe of the functional domain of demonstration”

Résumé :

Reported discourse is an important feature of human languages, whether for their characterization (Coulmas 1986: 2, Haberland 1986: 219) or for their buildup (Jakobson 1962: 96, Spronck & Casartelli 2021).
Reported discourse constructions are usually presented as syntactically involving both a reporting segment and a reported segment, with the latter ‘acting’ as if it were the object argument of the speech verb contained in the former (Noonan 1985, Givón 1980: 121, Quirk et al. 1985: 1022–1025) (see Vandelanotte (2008), Munro (1982), De Roeck (1994), McGregor (1994) for more discussion on that topic). However, not only cross-linguistic evidence shows the limit of such a conception (Munro 1982, De Roeck 1994, McGregor 1994), but also this conception gives a restricted picture of the reported discourse constructions occurring in human languages (Güldemann 2008, Mathis & Yule 1994, Spronck 2017).
This presentation presents data showing that reported discourse constructions are rather diverse, especially in Kafire (Senufo, Côte d’Ivoire). It will be shown based on narratives data that the reported discourse constructions involving both the reporting and the reported segments are not the most frequent kind of construction. The frequency hierarchy is presented as Continuation constructions > DR Event + Discourse report (reporting segment + reported segment) > Bare Quotes > Others.
This presentation is also the occasion to explore briefly an interesting aspect of reported discourse within the linguistic system, namely its relation with gesture and expressive elements such as interjections, ideophones and onomatopoeias.
The functional domain that groups them is named demonstration (Clark & Gerrig 1990, Güldemann 2008, Nikitina & Bugaeva 2021)

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