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The Sebeok-Love Award for the best article in language science 2019

I am delighted to announce that the article co-authored with Erendira Calderon and Stefano De Pascale, “How to speak ‘geocentric’ in an ‘egocentric’ language: A multimodal study among Ngigua-Spanish bilinguals and Spanish monolinguals in a rural community of Mexico” (Language Sciences, Volume 74, pages 24–46), has been awarded the Sebeok-Love Award in 2019 together with Andrew Davidson’s article “Writing: the re-construction of language” (Language Sciences, Volume 72, pages 134–149).

The editorial board of Language Sciences said that our article “is an excellent and ground-breaking empirical investigation of bilinguals and monolinguals in the same rural community in Mexico.”

They added: “Calderón, De Pascale and Adamou bring together research on linguistic relativity, multilingualism and multimodality, in an intriguing study of practices in a rural community in Mexico. Some speakers in this community are bilingual (in both Ngigua and in Spanish), while others are monolingual Spanish speakers. This quantitative research investigates whether there are differences between these groups in terms of their use of geocentric vs. egocentric conceptualisations of space. They demonstrate that the monolingual Spanish speakers still preserve aspects of the Ngigua spatial conceptualisations, despite the ongoing language shift in the community. It is a fascinating article which touches on a number of crucial topics in the language sciences.”

We thank once again the Ngigua participants in our study for their collaboration. We will make sure that the community will receive the small financial prize that comes with the award in support of their efforts to deal with the pandemic. 



Evangelia Adamou

Je suis directrice de recherche au CNRS, rattachée au LACITO depuis 2005. Mes travaux portent sur des langues en danger parlées dans les Balkans et en Amérique Latine.

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