A language map for LACITO and Pangloss

(version française)

Here is a map of the  languages studied at LACITO, and/or featured in our Pangloss Collection.

For twenty years, LACITO has been developing an online archive for endangered languages: the Pangloss Collection. Once initiated by Boyd Michailovsky and Martine Mazaudon, engineered by Michel Jacobson, this project is currently run by Séverine Guillaume.

Our archived recordings can be accessed from this link  Logo collection Pangloss

The colours of the pins locating the languages give additional information:

blue : Lacito languages with data (audio or other);
– grey : Lacito languages without data;
yellow : languages not Lacito, but with data (audio or other).

These maps provide a good overview of the languages we have been working on. They should be uploaded on the homepage of LACITO website.

updated 2021/09/18.

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